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What is DOi?

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This online resource is the ultimate guide for students in high school who want to learn about filmmaking, audio and graphic design.  Imagine you and your students having complete access to an entire course at school, at home, on the bus or on vacation.  It is now possible with the latest release.  For a low annual subscription fee, you and your students can keep up-to-date with the latest information in this rapidly changing subject area.  Teachers struggle with delivering the most current information to their students because resources are scattered around the web or are contained in instantly outdated printed textbooks.

Any device.

Any platform.


One login for your school with unlimited users.


This version is loaded with everything!  You will get all of these features PLUS anything else we develop during your subscription.  And believe me, we are developing so much content!  This delivery method opens the door for us to keep creating without boundaries.


  • Unlimited number of users in your school
  • Multi-platform, multi-device functionality
  • 18 chapters of information, hours of videos, worksheets and interactive lessons - view current chapter list
  • On-screen quizzes at the end of each chapter
  • New material as it is created
  • Mobile, home and school access for you and your students



Access to the secure Teacher Resource area that includes:


  • Interactive white board lessons for various units
  • Unit plans
  • Projects with handouts
  • Projects for assessment based activities
  • Stock photo collection with almost 1000 photos

Used worldwide since 1997


Learn from industry professionals



We've moved away from the pay one price model with this new edition.  Why?  It's quite simple.  It will cost you less.  We have moved all of our resources into one product.  Teacher Resources, Video, Student Book, etc. have been combined into one package that delivers everything with no worries about updating.




  • Unlimited number of users in your school
  • Access to all the Teacher Resources
  • Mobile and At Home use


1 Year: $249 (plus applicable taxes)

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Ordering is easy to do.  You will need to place your order with our exclusive distributor, The Learning Tree Educational Store at (905) 319-2690.

If you have questions, call us directly at (289) 799-9799.  We will answer anything you need to know.


Digital Overdrive Interactive has been the recipient of several awards as well as the author.


  • Worldfest Houston awarded the resource with the Best Educational CD-ROM, a prestigious award that was previously won by Microsoft and Discovery Channel.
  • EdTech Digest named the resource a "Cool Tool" and awarded it with the Best Digital Textbook award.
  • EdTech Digest also named the author as the top international leader making a difference across international boundaries.

Award-winning advice

From a small remote village in South Africa to the deserts of Qatar - the large urban centres of California to the rural areas of Virginia - and the mountains of British Columbia to the city schools of Toronto, Digital Overdrive is somewhere near you.


Currently over 250,000 students worldwide use the resource each year.  Millions have used it since 1997 and millions more will in the future.  It has become the premiere tool for students wanting to learn about cinematography, editing, graphics and sound design for film production in high school.


Digital Overdrive has been publishing student and teacher resources since 1997.  That is a very long time.  Our first resource was a coil bound, photocopied manual that was created to give teachers a reliable source of information for this emerging high school subject area.


The author, Dale Andrews BA, BEd., was teaching Communications Technology and quickly became an educational authority on the subject.  Over the years, the resource grew and became very popular across Canada.  In 2004, Dale took the resource to a new level by creating the first interactive eTextbook to successfully make it into the high school market.  In fact, Follett Educational, the largest eBook distributor in North America at the time invited Dale to Chicago to showcase his work in the field to company vice presidents from across the United States.  After the full day meeting, Follett declared that this small company from Canada was the leader in interactive eTextbook design.


Needless to say, Digital Overdrive Interactive exploded on the high school educational market and became the premiere tool for teaching in the Communications field.  What makes the series so successful is the fact that the resource is created from an educational and professional point of view.  With over 25 years of professional production experience and counting, Dale has been able to combine his leadership in education with his technological knowledge to create a product that has been recognized internationally for its excellence.


More recently, Dale has changed careers and moved into film production full-time as a Producer and Executive Producer. His award winning short and feature films have been screened at festivals around the world with one short recently premiering at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). The international award-winning short "Carved" was a collaboration with Fox Studios and Hulu. Check out his IMDB page here.




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By multi-award winning film Executive Producer Dale Andrews